Reconciled to Jargon

  • Barbara Beckwith White People Challenging Racism


As I try to understand persistent racial equality in the U.S., I find myself reading dense books that are full of in-group language. Ordinarily, I’d bypass books that use such terminology. And yet, I’ve been hanging in there: racism is too important to turn away from just because those who study it most closely use language that turns me off.

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Barbara Beckwith, White People Challenging Racism

Writer, author of What Was I Thinking? Reflecting on Everyday Racsim; National Writers Union-Boston Chapter co-chair; co-facilitator of White People Challenging Racism: Moving fromTalk to Action classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge, MA. Degrees: BA (Wellesley College), MEd (Tufts University), MS-Print Journalism (Boston University).

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