Special Compilation by Motus Theater and the Undocumented Project

  • Motus Theater & the Undocumented Project
Keywords: Undocumented, Monologues, DACA, DACA students, Latinx, citizenship, ICE, immigration, education, deportation


The journal of Understanding and Dismantling Privilege is excited
to feature autobiographical monologues authored by undocumented
Americans under Motus Theater and Shoebox Stories. A special
thank you to Norma Johnson for her editorial contributions.
Featured Monologues:
“I was Made for the Light” by Reydesel Salvidrez-Rodríguez
“The Most Beautiful Monument” by Irving Reza
“Listen to Your Heart” by Tania Chairez
“UndocuAmerica: ‘Not Your DREAMer’” by Juan Juarez
“Wandering in the Desert’” by Laura Peniche
“Returning Home” by Kiara Chavez
“Checkpoint at Fantasyland” by Victor Galvan
“The Meaning of Courage” by Cristian Solano-Córdova
“This Beautiful Dark Brown Skin” by Armando Peniche
“Deport Me” by Alejandro Fuentes-Mena

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