Not your noire

I'm not going to spend my life just being your colour


  • Reggie Nyamekye


beyond Blackness, storytelling, poetry, racialized experiences, narratives, creative works


Black people continue to move and operate in spaces where they are perceived as simply a colour that has neither been respected nor appreciated for years. Black people are often not seen past their skin colour to honour their value as humans. Through real-life experiences, this piece shares problematic narratives that ought to be dismantled.

Author Biography

Reggie Nyamekye

Reggie Nyamekye is an advocate, storyteller, poet, photographer, researcher, creative enthusiast, dreamer, and lover of humanitarian causes. Reggie will easily join any movement to positively impact, courageously empower, and do better for society.

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Nyamekye, R. (2022). Not your noire: I’m not going to spend my life just being your colour. Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, 12(1), 3–5. Retrieved from