The year of return

Daughter of Africa


  • Vanessa Ellison Texas Woman's University


African American, identity, culture, ethnicity, creative works


The Year of Return (2019) marks 400 years since the first ship left the West Coast of Africa with stolen people and forcibly brought them to Jamestown, Virginia, and enslaved them. Many Black and African Americans returned home to Mother Africa that year to experience cultural tourism. I was fortunate to be amongst them. My autoethnographic, detailed sensory experience is the story of my first trip to a local outdoor market in Africa. This was my first trip to the continent of Africa, and it was absolutely life-changing for me. Many of my feelings of displacement translate to America, especially during the 2020 election year.

Author Biography

Vanessa Ellison, Texas Woman's University

Vanessa Ellison is a doctoral candidate at Texas Woman's University in the Department of Social Science & Historical Studies. Her research interests include Black veganism, food culture, and sustainability. She is passionate about applied sociology, social justice, and servant leadership.

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