#SAYHERNAME and Tell Her Story

Investigating News Media Coverage of Black Women Killed by Police Violence

  • Jasmine K Cooper University of Maryland Baltimore
Keywords: Black women, racism, sexism, news media, discourse, police violence


This project investigates the lack of online news media coverage of two Black women killed by police: Rekia Boyd and Korryn Gaines. Despite their premature deaths, news coverage and mentions of these individuals in three of the top digitally circulating U.S. news sites, CNN, The New York Times, and Fox News, are far lower than for two Black men and one White woman killed under similar circumstances. Ultimately, these disparities in coverage speak to a tendency of media to disregard, erase, and make invisible police violence as one of the manifestations of intersecting oppressions in the lives of Black women.

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Cooper, J. (2022). #SAYHERNAME and Tell Her Story. Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, 12(2), 31 - 49. Retrieved from https://www.wpcjournal.com/article/view/21081