Invisible girl


  • Anonymous Author University of Maryland, Baltimore County


education, PWI, language, identity, privilege, code-switching, appropriation, youth and student voice


The student-author wrote this narrative to reflect a personal literacy assignment in their freshman English course at college. The project asked the students to describe how a certain event has impacted their lives or changed them somehow. They were also tasked to tie in reading, writing, and language themes and explain their role in the story. The author chose to narrate how their high school years, spent in a predominantly white institution (PWI), affected their perception of self, language, and processing of events occurring around them. Trying to exist and learn as a Black student in a white-dominated space profoundly impacted their life.

Author Biography

Anonymous Author, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The author of this piece is a second-year Black student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. They have a strong interest in the study of society, history, and human dynamics, particularly with a focus on race, gender, and sexuality. They enjoy using creative and narrative writing styles to express their own identity and perspectives of social issues. 

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