The Experience of a White Professor Teaching Diversity Courses in the Midwest

  • Corinne Brion University of Dayton, Ohio
Keywords: white privilege, diversity courses, educational administration, higher education, autoethnography


Facilitators of diversity courses in higher education institutions face multiple challenges because these courses are emotionally charged for students and facilitators alike. To date, there is a limited number of recent papers that focus on the reflections of professors from the dominant culture who teach diversity online and face-to-face graduate courses. The present paper fills this gap by describing the experiences of a White, French assistant professor in the midwest of the United States. This paper also provides recommendations for practitioners.


Author Biography

Corinne Brion, University of Dayton, Ohio

Corinne Brion is an assistant professor at the University of Dayton. She earned her PhD in educational leadership at the University of San Diego. The overall framework for her research is equity. Her research interests include investigating the process of learning transfer among adult learners to understand what enhances and hinders the transfer of knowledge in different contexts. She is also interested in women's and girls' empowerment in African countries.

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