• Nimmi Mathews Nova Southeastern University
Keywords: economic privilege, minimalist lifestyle, recognizing entitlement, identity crisis


This essay is a discussion of the author's identity crisis which rose primarily from the recognizing of their economic privilege. It grapples with the idea that one's personality could be entirely different depending on whether we recognize our privilege. Lastly, it asserts that once we are able to recognize our privilege, we must do better with it.

Author Biography

Nimmi Mathews, Nova Southeastern University

Nimmi Mathews has lived in Chicago, Mumbai, and Bangalore, before moving to Florida to pursue a dual degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Biology at Nova Southeastern University. She has a keen interest in the medical sciences, but also in philosophy, political science and law. As a daughter of immigrants, she always invests in recognizing her parents' struggles as well as her privilege. She views herself as a minimalist, but a recent examination of the origins of her lifestyle resulted in a conversation about whether her economic modesty is entirely innate. 

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