Dismantling Racism and White Supremacy in Organizations

The Role of White Leaders and Change Agents

  • Kathy Obear Center for Transformation and Change
Keywords: organizational leadership, racial justice, anti-racism, white caucuses, white affinity spaces, dismantling privilege


Kathy Obear presented “Disrupting from the Inside: The Role of White Leaders and Change Agents in Dismantling Racism & White Supremist Culture in Organizations” as a keynote address at the White Privilege Symposium in Denver, Colorado in 2018. This keynote deepens the capacity of White change agents and leaders to effectively partner with People of Color to create greater racial justice in our organizations.

Author Biography

Kathy Obear, Center for Transformation and Change

Currently, president of the Center for Transformation and Change and a Co-Founder of the Social Justice Training Institute, Kathy challenges whites to dismantle racism in their organizations and communities and to develop the competencies to partner with and follow the leadership of people of color to incorporate racial justice and liberation in everything they do. For over two decades, she has created spaces for whites to do the critical self-work to dissolve internalized dominance, interrupt racist attitudes and behaviors, and shift racist practices and policies to shape genuinely inclusive, racially just organizations.

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