Silence is Violence and Inaction Gives Traction to White Supremacy

  • Jody Alyn Principal and Consultant Jody Alyn Consulting
  • Lila Cabbil LMC Diversified Consulting, President Emeritus Rosa Parks Institute
Keywords: Accountability for action, Accountability programs, White privilege, Dismantling privilege, White supremacy


This article sets forth key concepts and steps in building accountability for action among those who wish to dismantle structures of oppression. Accountability for action is defined as, “an agreement to behave in a specific and intentional way so as to challenge the status quo and dismantle systemic privilege.” The national White Privilege Conference is used as a case example of how accountability for action can be implemented in a structured learning environment with a large group of people. The intent of this article is to emphasize the urgency for action, provide tools to guide action and motivate people to take action.

Author Biographies

Jody Alyn, Principal and Consultant Jody Alyn Consulting
Jody Alyn is an organizational equity and inclusion expert with over 20 years of experience serving public, private, academic and nonprofit organizations. She has co-chaired the Accountability for Action Initiative of the White Privilege Conference since 2013. Jody heads a Colorado-based consulting firm helping companies navigate a wide range of situations and issues that affect workplace culture and productivity.
Lila Cabbil, LMC Diversified Consulting, President Emeritus Rosa Parks Institute

Lila Cabbil has focused her 35 years of her professional career and volunteer commitments on programs and issues for vulnerable populations. She spent over 30 years serving community with Mrs. Rosa Parks. Her passion is promoting relationship building by serving as a learning facilitator and a change agent with inclusion of the expertise of persons with the lived experience. Because she believes that action with accountability is core to changing the system of white supremacy she accepted leadership for establishing an initiative for the White Privilege Conference in 2007. Lila has co-edited a book on Accountability for Anti-racist organizers and is a leader/founder of several social justice organizations .Lila,a water warrior since 2003, is currently leading awareness campaign on clean safe accessible and affordable water as a human right in Detroit, Flint and throughout Michigan, USA and Internationally.  

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Case Study of WPC: Action, Inaction, and Accountability