I Thought I was One of You

  • Danny Morales University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Keywords: Yaqui, American-Yaqui poetry


This is a creative expression of a young, American-Yaqui’s journey of servitude.

Author Biography

Danny Morales, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Danny L. Morales, III was born and raised in Southern California, and while in high school, the school administration kicked him out because of what they termed “violent gain activity.” Because of such, he joined the United States Army to escape the violence, where he then flourished in the elite unit of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). Unfortunately, because of some horrible life choices, Mr. Morales was sent to prison for an indeterminate four year to lifelong sentence. It was in that deplorable space where Mr. Morales reconnected to his Yaqui culture and began his formal education. After serving seven and a half years, he earned his freedom and continued his education. He has received an AA in General Studies, BS in Business Administration, and he will be defending his thesis, “Prosecutorial discretion: Society’s pyrrhic victory over an illusory powerless enemy.” Mr. Morales has recently applied to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, School of Education’s Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership, Research, and Policy.

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