Too Many White, Female Teachers: One White, Female Teacher’s Experience as the “Other”

  • Jamie Harrison Auburn University
Keywords: Self study, White female teacher, Reflective practice


Based on one particular internship experience and the reflections stemming from it, this self-study research is a systematic and critical examination of actions in the context of a youth activist camp.  Analysis of journal entries written during the experience and further reflections arising from presenting these experiences to a variety of audiences further contributed to this research. Themes emerged in terms of “lessons learned” and reflections based on journal entries suggest a growing understanding of racial identity and the impact of this understanding on one White female teacher’s classroom practice. In this way, a form of self-study that contributes to a more consciously driven mode of professional activity has been conducted (Samaras & Freese, 2006).

Author Biography

Jamie Harrison, Auburn University

Jamie Harrison is an assistant professor of ESOL Education at Auburn University. Her research includes teacher beliefs, implicit beliefs, and advocacy for English learners. 



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