On Clinging to Whiteness and Failing Humanity (and Myself)

  • Lindsay Margaret Miller University of Colorado Denver
Keywords: Whiteness, White Supremacy, Racism, Racial Justice, Love


A short reflection on my time in Americorps, when I chose loyalty to Whiteness over loyalty to humanity.

Author Biography

Lindsay Margaret Miller, University of Colorado Denver
Lindsay Miller is a graduate student in the Master of Social Science program at the University of Colorado Denver. Her primary research interests are social justice, American Philosophy (Pragmatism) and critical pedagogy.  She teaches Core Composition in the English Department and is a Teaching Assistant for the Department of Ethnic Studies.
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Miller, L. (2017). On Clinging to Whiteness and Failing Humanity (and Myself). Understanding and Dismantling Privilege, 6(2), 63-67. Retrieved from https://www.wpcjournal.com/article/view/16379
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