Confessions from a Teacher about my Race Oblivion

  • Kimberly Radersma Brock University
Keywords: White identity, Emotional tension, Racialized, Students, White teachers, Racism, Education


In this piece, I write about the obliviousness to race in which many whites are insulated. In this spirit, I have attempted to poke holes at the innocence claimed in my previous state of oblivion (a not uncommon state for white teachers). I claim no authority on the real and horrendous suffering, humiliation, and degrading realities that racialized people often feel on a daily basis. My goal here is to help open up conversations by offering my own confession of obliviousness and to challenge other white teachers to confront the inequitable and oppressive systems they are functioning in. I offer a few suggestions for places to begin or continue this journey of awareness.

Author Biography

Kimberly Radersma, Brock University

Kim Radersma was a high school English teacher for over 15 years before pursuing her PhD in Educational Studies with a focus on social, cultural, and political contexts of education. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada, where she is finishing up her PhD while teaching teacher candidates and leading professional development opportunities designed to help white teachers understand the impact of their whiteness in a pluralistic society.

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