A poem for my white friends. "I Didn't Tell You."

  • Norma L Johnson All In Spirit
Keywords: Race, Class, Politics, Privilege, Oppression, White Supremacy, Education, Teaching, Research, Tools, Strategies, Youth, College,


Poem by Norma Johnson

Author Biography

Norma L Johnson, All In Spirit

Norma Johnson is a healer, inspirationalist and visionary consultant.  For over 30 years, her work spans the realms from spiritual healing to teaching, facilitating and speaking in the areas of the healing arts, of personal & professional systems organization and community relationship dynamics.

As a writer, teacher, speaker and performance artist, Norma is known for her ability to move and inspire through the wisdom that already lives within each of us.  There is a vision within us all.  Norma connects individuals and community back to the heart centered place, where all visions live.

Norma’s creative background as a professional costumer in the entertainment industry has given her a foundation of seeing ways into no ways and of sculpting raw materials into something magnificent, inspiring and supportive of the roles we want to play within our world.

In her healing arts company, All In Spirit, Norma’s passion for the spirit and creative genius for the power of our lives, continues to inspire all that she does.

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