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Hale, Chris, University of Staten Island (United States)
Harper, Matt, Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere - LA White People 4 Black Lives (United States)
Harrison, Jamie, Auburn University (United States)
Henricks, Kasey, Loyola University Chicago; Department of Sociology (United States)
Hernandez, Nancy, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Hollins, Caprice, Cross Cultural Connections
Holum, Britta, Colorado College (United States)
Hopkins, Patricia D., Christopher Newport University African-American Studies, Director Assistant Professor of English African-American Literature (United States)
Husband, Terry, Illinois State University (United States)


Irving, Debby, Author (United States)
Issari, Sasan, York University (Canada)


James, Maya, The New York Public Library
Jenkins, Toby S, Georgia Southern University (United States)
Johnson, Norma L, All In Spirit (United States)
Johnston-Guerrero, Marc P., The Ohio State University (United States)


Kadowaki, Joy, Sociology Graduate Student Purdue University
Kasl, Elizabeth
Kivel, Paul
Kyle, Maggie, York University (Canada)


Lahrman, Helen, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Lalvani, Priya, Montclair State University (United States)
Lee, Alice, Illinois State University (United States)
Leondar-Wright, Betsy
Lo, Hsiao-wen, Private Practice in Michigan
Loewen, James W. (United States)

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