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Clayton, Grant, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Coates, Rodney
Connors, Erin, Asheville School
Cunnigen, Donald, University of Rhode Island


DiAngelo, Robin, Westfield Sate University 577 Western Ave., Parenzo 206 Westfield, MA 01186 USA (United States)
DiAngelo, Robin
DiFranco, J, North west Public Schools (United States)
Douglas, Elliot P., University of Florida (United States)


Eldridge, S. (United States)
Elsey, Sarah, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs


Fair, Deen, OneTrenton Project (United States)
Fenelon, Kelley Frances, Vanderbilt University (United States)
Ferber, Abby, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (United States)
Flores, Gabriel, LAUSD and University of Phoenix, Faculty (United States)
Flynn, Darlene, Seattle Office for Civil Rights


Gibson, Taylor L, Deyohaha:ge Indigenous Knowledge Centre at Six Nations Polytechnic (Canada)
Goodman, Diane, Adjunct Faculty- SUNY-New Paltz (United States)
Gorski, Paul C.
Gould, Janice, UCCS
Govan, Ilsa, Cross Cultural Connections
Green Jr., David Frank, Howard University (United States)
Griffin, Rachel, Southern Illinois University
Griffin, Ph.D., Rachel Alicia, Southern Illinois University (SIU)


Hale, Chris, University of Staten Island (United States)
Harper, Matt, Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere - LA White People 4 Black Lives (United States)

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