Special Section: Overview

Abby L Ferber, Eddie Moore, Jr.


The White Privilege Conference (WPC) is committed to creating a culture of action and accountability, so that the WPC has a real, ongoing impact throughout the year and beyond. Participants are expected to leave the WPC with a commitment to take concrete action to understand, challenge, dismantle and/or strategically reconfigure the structures of power, privilege and white supremacy. To extend and investigate the extent of this impact, Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., founder and program director of the WPC, asked three scholar/practitioner/activists, all longtime attendees and presenters at the conference, to work with him to build an explicit action and accountability program (A4A).

The following two articles are a result of this multi-year project. They discuss the model of action and accountability (A4A) developed, as well as an assessment of the pilot program. These articles were written, in part, to inspire other organizations to make a similar commitment to fostering year long action, and provide a replicable strategy.


Case study; WPC case study; Action, Inaction and Accountability

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