Traditional Hodensosaunee Thanksgiving Address and Welcome

Taylor L Gibson


Taylor Gibson gave the opening keynote thanksgiving address for the 2016 White Privilege Symposium Canada - entitled Academics and Activists: Advocating for Equity, Justice, and Action. He shared his life story as it relates to the experiences of indigenous people, and the issue of perception in the teaching of Native and European history. Addressing the cultural clash between reserve and non-reserve educational programs and schools, his empowering story shines light on the importance of speaking out against stigma in learning environments, especially among non-native audiences. It was his upbringing on the reserve, involvement in protests, and exposure to these different educational systems that led to the cultivation of his life-long interest in learning the Cayuga language, history, and culture. What equips him to provide educational services related to these areas is a sense of responsibility, opportunity, recognition of his family’s tragedies, and an obligation to his daughter.

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