The Rose that Grew from Concrete

Hsiao-wen Lo


Hsiao-Wen Lo presented “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” as a keynote address at the 2017 White Privilege Conference (WPC) in Kansas City, Missouri. She shares her journey in coming to understand White supremacy, and specific encounters and experiences at multiple WPCs that have sustained her through it all. Including her appreciation for music, such as artist Tupac, as indicated by the title of this presentation, she includes actions people can take to create peace, equity, and opportunity in the heartland—the theme of the 2017 WPC. This piece gives highlight to the experiences at White Privilege Conferences and the importance of attending such types of workshops and events.


White privilege conference; Immigration; White supremacy; American history; Asian Americans; Ethnic minority students; Internalized oppression; Racial slurs; Marginalization; Dismantling privilege

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