Is It Really the Best of Both Worlds? Exploring Notions of Privilege Associated with Multiraciality

Marc P. Johnston-Guerrero, Vu T. Tran


This study explores the experiences of privilege among multiracial college students guided by two research questions: (1) How do multiracial students define and identify privilege? And (2) In what ways do multiracial students see experiences of privilege influencing their sense of racial identity? Through interviews with 16 college students at a large, public university in the U.S. Midwest, three themes were found: (a) naming privilege without much ownership or connection to race; (b) identifying and accessing various forms of multiracial privilege; and (c) reflecting on the responsibilities that come with privilege. The findings provide advancements in theory regarding multiracial students’ experiences with privilege toward creating new practices that educate students on the complexities associated with understanding privilege in relation to multiracial identity.


Multiraciality; Privilege; Identity; College students

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