"Two Jobs": On Experiences and Duties of Faculty of Color at a Predominantly White Institution

Lyudmila Bryzzheva


Lived experiences of 21 faculty of Color are set against the backdrop of the Model Unit Peer Review Plan, utilized to evaluate faculty professional performance at a small private predominantly White institution (“PWI”). Participants demonstrate how faculty of Color at PWIs “have to do more” as revealed in additional professional duties and self-care tasks. Gender and immigrant status receive attention. Aggregated themes from this study and from literature reveal multiple additional duties that are not factored into job descriptions for faculty of Color at PWIs. Thus, faculty members of Color at PWIs expend time and energy in various forms of unremunerated and unrecognized labor whose results, with minor exceptions, tend to be invisibly transferred to another more privileged group. Concrete institutional changes are recommended.


Faculty of Color, Peer Review, PWI, Interpersonal and Institutional Racism, Institutional Change, Teaching

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