Walking the Walk: Student Expectations of Faculty in the Classroom

Sylvia L.M. Martinez, Nancy Hernandez, Grant Clayton, Sarah Elsey, Helen Lahrman


The purpose of this study is to explore student responses to a 2011 Student Inclusiveness Survey (SIS) and to examine students’ concerns about their classroom experiences, particularly the role of faculty in campus diversity and inclusiveness efforts. A mixed method approach is used, employing descriptive statistics, OLS regression, and content analysis. Specifically, the SIS constructs that relate to faculty, the Self-Assessment of Diversity Learning Outcomes, the Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness, and students’ open-ended responses to campus inclusiveness prompts were analyzed. The findings suggest that students see faculty as important brokers in diversity and inclusiveness knowledge, and they appreciate and learn about these issues and concepts in the classroom. However, students expect faculty not only to teach about diversity and inclusiveness but also to live it in the classroom.


Teaching; Diversity; Survey Research

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