Editorial Team

Editorial Advisory Board Members

  1. Jamie Utt, University of Arizona, United States
  2. Amie Thurber, United States
  3. Dr. Rhea V Almeida, Institute for Family Services
  4. Paul Gorski, George Mason University
  5. Stephanie Logan, Springfield College, United States
  6. Tre Wentling, Colorado College, United States

Ex-Officio Board Members

  1. Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates
  2. Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, Washington Consulting Group Social Justice Training Institute Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore, United States
  3. Robin Parker, Beyond Diversity
  4. lisa albrecht, University of Minnesota
  5. Carrie Romo, Des Moines Public Schools
  6. Gaston Dembele, Radford University
  7. Dr. Brenda J. Allen, University of Colorado - Denver
  8. Rachel Alicia Griffin, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  9. Dr. Darrell Cleveland, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  10. Christina M Jimenez, UCCS, Associate Professor, Dept of History
  11. Frances E Kendall, Kendall and Associates consulting firm
  12. Dr. Peggy McIntosh, Wellesley Centers for Women
  13. Dr. Mike F Weaver, Seagull Industries, Inc. Adjunct Faculty, DeVry University


  1. Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., Founder & Director, White Privilege Conference
  2. Dr. Abby L Ferber, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, United States
  3. Shelly Tochluk, Mount Saint Mary’s University
  4. Jacqueline Battalora, Saint Xavier University
  5. Jamie Utt, University of Arizona, United States
  6. Robin DiAngelo, Consultant