Understanding and Dismantling Privilege

An interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersectional aspects of privilege,  bridging academia and practice, highlighting activism, and offering a forum for creative introspection on issues of inequity, power and privilege.

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Vol 4, No 1 (2014): Understanding and Dismantling Privilege

Table of Contents

Conference Keynote Addresses

Consumerism as Racial and Economic Injustice: The Macroaggressions that Make Me, and Maybe You, a Hypocrite PDF
Paul C. Gorski
What Anti-racists Stand to Gain from Greater Class Awareness PDF
Betsy Leondar-Wright

Research Articles

“When You Carry All of Your Baggage With You … You’re Carrying All of Your Baggage With You”: Identifying and Interrupting Equity Traps in Preservice Teachers’ Narratives PDF
James R. Carlson
Walking the Walk: Student Expectations of Faculty in the Classroom PDF
Sylvia Mendez, Nancy Hernandez, Grant Clayton, Sarah Elsey, Helen Lahrman

Creative Work & Self-Reflection

Signified Honkey: Stories In The Key of White PDF
William Ryan Blosser
When the Student is Ready the Teacher will Appear: Teaching Black in the White Classroom PDF
Patricia D. Hopkins

Youth Voices

Learning Advocacy: A Youth's Perspective PDF
Rachel S. Samuels

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